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We are redefining the future of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation by providing the most innovative post-acute care available.

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NuVista Difference

The NuVista Difference - Hillsborough Lake

NuVista Living offers the most advanced healthcare technology integrated within the most luxurious environment of care.

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NuVista at Home

Hillsborough NuVista at Home

Our comprehensive home care program provides you the continued care you need in the comfort of your own home.

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Hillsborough Admissions - NuVista

We are here to help you throughout the recovery process, offering individualized programs to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

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The Most Advanced Choice In The Nation. Short-Term Rehabilitation • Assisted Living • Home Health Services • Outpatient Services  #nuvistaliving
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Retired Mets catcher Barry Lyons signed autographs @nuvistaliving One resident had saved original material from The World Series game win in 1987, with a missing signature from Barry, in which Barry happily signed today.  #nuvistarehab #nuvistaliving
NuVista Living, Because you have living to do... #NuVistaLiving #NuVistaRehab #HealthyLiving
Happy Cinco de Mayo #NuVistaLiving
Rehab that knee. Done.  Eat great food to fuel my recovery.  Done. Play Mah-jhong with my friends  Done.  Repeat as needed only at NuVista Living.
Lunch Time...."NuVista style"
Petting zoo at our Wellington Green location today. #NuVistaLiving #NuVistaALF
This is lunch...NuVista Style!  Mention this video and we will waive entry fee on any move in to assisted living with a deposit in February.
Tea Time at NuVista Living.  #nuvistaalf #nuvistaliving
Champagne is being chilled and readied.  Nu Year, Nu Life, Nu Friends....NuVista Living !!!!! #nuvistalivingassisted #nuvistaliving
Time to Celebrate the new year at NuVista.  #nuvistaliving #nuvistalivingassisted
Clowning around at NuVista.  Happy New Year !!!! #nuvistaliving #nuvistalivingassisted
Not all of our world class therapist have two legs!!! Get better and go home to your family quickly and safely with NuVista short term rehab.  #nuvistaliving
Ho, ho, ho!!!! It's almost time for Santa  He stopped by NuVista Living to check on some lists to see who's been naughty or nice.
NuVista Living Residents donating to Toys for Tot!
Joan and Jackie.  Kinda like Martin and Lewis, but different.  Lunch Bar-B-Q at NuVista Living. #nuvistaliving #nuvistalivingassisted
The conclusion of another day with a Nu View...NuVista!!! #nuvistaliving #nuvistalivingassisted
No filter on this photo.  Pure peace, love and wellness!  At NuVista Assisted Living #nuvistalivingassisted #nuvistaliving
It's a miracle!!! One day of oil lasted 8 whole nights!!!
Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel I made it out of clay... (Everyone Sing!). #nuvistaliving #nuvistalivingassisted.
Ruth...another year, another tree to dress!!! #nuvistaliving #nuvistaassitedliving